Friday, July 1, 2011

Prom. May 21, 2011.

So this was obviously before graduation, but stupid me forgot to write about it before graduation. It definitely needs writing about too. Let me just say, in my high school career I had been to one dance prior to Prom. Sadie Hawkins.. a non-formal dance, I went just to save my friend, Jeff Lee, from being asked by a DG. 


Tbh, I wasn't planning on going to my senior prom. I know, I know not going is a big deal.. but i didn't want to have to go alone and I wasn't sure if anyone would ask me..

Then one day I come home from Seminary and I find this on my doorstep.

It reads: "Everyone deserves to start the day off with a smile oh and btw... PROM?  -Big D"

I, of course, said yes! And I am so glad I did!!! :)

My incredibly handsome Prom date... He looked sharp. <3

We got bored of all the picture taking of our parents.
RECAP OF THE NIGHT: Party bus that was a little too small but oh so fun, stripper pole dancing and Katy Perry's E.T. Security finding an orange condom in my purse, put in there as a joke everyone, and giving me a dirty look. Interesting, but good-ish food. Possibly drunk teachers? Lots of dancing! Some ups and and downs. Overall AMAZING evening. 

Side note: Dayton got the corsage, it was an orchid, same flower that he gave me when he asked me to Prom. <3 Love.


Song of the Moment: You And I - Lady Gaga

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