Saturday, October 15, 2011

Red Robin...


So tonight, I finally went out and did something fun! It was Bests Clarissa's birthday a couple days ago, and we went out to celebrate with her amazing cousin, Amy. We ate at Red Robin... and I have never gone there before... I was a bit apprehensive, but I was pleasantly surprised, it really was yum. 

At Red Robin <3 (Amy, Me, Clarissa)

After dinner we went to Amy's apartment for some ice cream and homemade cake! Totally broke my diet for it. And it was well worth it! Delish. And of course we had a mini-photoshoot!  

Birthday Girl bein all cute and stuff

Amy and Clarissa posin it up!

Cute Cousins!! <3

Cardigan and Shirt-Thrifted/Jeans-RSQ via Tilly's/Shoes-Cotton On/Necklace-H&M

Shirt and Men's Shoes-Thrifted/Skirt-F21/Feather-bySamiiRyan

After the Birthday celebration we took a quick stop by Walmart so I could get some pickles (and other stuff)... I have a weird obsession with pickles... LOVE them, don't judge me. 

Yes, I posed with my pickles!
Overall AMAZING night! Thanks Amy and Clarissa!!

Oh and I promised one of Amy's roommates that I would post a picture of her I took in my blog! <3

Song Of the Moment: Vanilla Twilight - Owl City

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm Comin' Home, Tell the World That I'm Comin' Home!!!

Sorry that there haven't been any posts in awhile, but good news, I FINALLY WENT HOME!

I was able to visit my family, my boyfriend, and my amazing friends!

My father drove me down on Thursday morning, by morning I mean MORNING! (6:30am) I haven't been up that early in FOREVER. 

We drove through a blizzard, had half the transmission go out, but still managed to make it home by 5! Smiles.

This obviously isn't a picture from the blizzard, I was too freaked out to
think to take a picture, but here is some snow... and it is only October!

Once we got back, I had to wait 6 hours for D's greyhound bus to get in (Yes, he took the bus 10 hours to see me... now that is love <3)

The wait was easy though, I took a nap, and my sissy, Kimberly made me Eggplant Parmesan. Yums.

Friday: Went to laughter yoga, ate at My Vegan in Pasadena (SO GOOD), and went shopping in Old Town. I love double dates! Thanks Mitch and Jamey for the great company!

Saturday: METRO TRIP!!! and UCLA. (Got to see Chris, Cesar, and Yucey) Smiles. 

Mitch and D: Chinatown


The Happy Couple <3



This trip was much needed! But it made me miss Cali even more!! I will be back there soon though!

Thanks to everyone who made my trip the best ever. 

Song of the Moment: Life Could Be A Dream - The Coasters