Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Never Felt Better...

Today I presented my Women in Art final project. And having already taken the final exam, I am now officially done with that class. I have never felt better in my life.

Alright that last part was a lie. But I am really excited to be done with it. Smiles.

I cannot wait for break. Only 3 finals and 2 essays to go. Fun.

I'm going to make this post really short, just wanted to celebrate my doneness with you all. <3

As promised, here are a few things from my Christmas List, nothing too outrageous.. Enjoy.

1.       Sterling Silver Taylor Momsen Engraved Cross Necklace 
I love this necklace. It is really simple, but I think it can go with everything, and I think it is really nice. 
2. Diamond Candles - Sweety Pea
I have been dying to get one of these candles. Hopefully I finally get one. It comes with a candle and a ring! And I love rings, and I love candles. 2 in one presents are the best. Smile. 
3. Suede Oxford Ankle Boots - Brown - Size 9 
These boots are so cute. I have been wanting a pair of casual oxfordy boots for a couple years now, actually since I bought my bester a pair of ankle boots a couple years ago for Christmas. <3 These are super affordable which is always a plus too!
4. Fluffy Slippers - Any color - Size 9 or L 
My fluffy slippers are old, but I love them. I need a replacement, and I will literally take any fluffy slippers. I don't care about brands or whatever. Smiles. 

Well these are a few of my wishes, very simple and easy... hopefully! <3
Song of the Moment: Winter Song - Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson

Sunday, December 4, 2011


I am so sorry for my lack of posts in the last month. 

It was busy to say the least. School. Thanksgiving break. Studying for finals. Yeah. 

But I am back. Yay. 

A little about the past month...

1. School is stoop. I am completely bored. And just done with all my classes right now. The one class I will miss? Psychology. My professor is Amaze. He is one of the main reasons for my switch of major. Yes I am a freshman and I have had my first major switch. It happens. 

2. Pre-Thanksgiving break. I went to Santa Cruz to see my boy and bester, Victoria. I was able to hang with D a lot and V's, Vic and Veronica really knew how to welcome me to SC with Chocolate Cake ;) [Yummers]

3. Thanksgiving in LA. After Santa Cruz I went home of course. I was lucky enough to have 2 Thanksgivings. One with the Fam-Bam and the other with Dayton's family. It was Yum. Ate too much... which is the point of Thanksgiving, so I'd say this year was a successful one. 

4. I'm back in school now, in good ol' Utah. It is cold as balls here. Snowed a bit today, but luckily it stopped. Just waiting for finals to be over so I can go home and party it up with my besties. <3

I am so sorry again for my lack of posting recently. But I am getting back into it, because frankly it makes me happy. Smiles. 

Also, sorry for lack of pictures. I literally took none over break. I am a stoop, I know. 

V's blog [http://queenvictoriareigns.blogspot.com/] inspired me to post some of my Christmas Lust List because who can't use ideas. I know I need more ideas. So look out for that. It is coming soon!

Song of the Moment: Americano - Lady Gaga