Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Big 21...

 So, it's a little late, I know, but I wanted to give a big shout out to my big, big sister Stephanie!!! Stephanie is my big, big sister because she is older than me, and she is way tall, unlike my other big sis Kimberly who is my big, little sister, who is verging on midget (just kidding.. kinda <3) 

Anyway, July 9th my AMAZING sissy turned 21... unfortunately I was not invited to the big birthday weekend in Arrowhead [underage-ness] so Kim and I invited her and some of her close friends and family over for a nice dinner that we made ourselves [so house wife right?!]

The food was great. Thanks Kim for the help. I learned that I am a genius with the whole making steak thing.
 Who knew?

Unfortunately, I was the photographer of the night so I don't have any outfit pictures of myself but enjoy the pictures of my fashionable friends. Smiles. 
Maya Bear, Birthday Girl, and Tully!
             Her Legs.. enough said.

   Is he not viciously handsome?? And well dressed I may add.

Since I do not have an outfit post, I'll post about my boyfriends outfit! Take notes boys because he looks fabulous.

<3 Shirt & Socks - Nordstroms/ Jeans - Kohls/Shoes - Thrifted <3

Song of the Moment - Bottoms Up - Trey Songs

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hey Hey, You You, I Want To Be Your Girlfriend!

So after a 2 year relationship dry spell it has finally happened.
I got a Boyfriend. Happy days. Thanks D for asking me in such a cute way. Smiles.
So right after so much amazing-ness,  I came up with the idea to cut Dayton's hair, it was getting long and I thought, how hard could it be...

So this is the cut that I did...

He didn't like it... so his friends cut it.
ATTENTION: I now have a bald boyfriend. <3

Good thing he is really handsome and can pull it off beautifully! 
I am definitely a lucky girl.

Song of the Moment: I Could Be There For You - Eisley

Saturday, July 2, 2011


 So far this blog has been all about catching up on amazing events that have happened this year, but I'll rehash the past later.. for now lets do yesterday. 

Best, Christine and I were bored so we decided to go to Monrovia's Street Fair, to be honest it is a really nice event that the city puts on. Too bad it is always swarmed by middle schoolers thinking they are the shit because they can totally be out of the house on their own... guys come on, you're still babies, so stop acting like you own the place. That was the first time I have been to the street fair in a long while and I had so much fun! Christine and I had a little impromptu photoshoot on one of Monrovia's amazing alleys. We were just being goofy but we got some pretty fun shots.

She is cute.
My legs look forever long. I like it... a lot. [Always texting]

I always have a picture like this. [Mike and Phoungy know what face this it]

After we were done being silly, we decided to go buy stuff... I tend to buy something everywhere I go, sometimes I actually want it and am going to wear it or use it often, and sometimes I think I just have a problem. Luckily the things I bought were things that I am definitely going to wear all the time, and I got a strangely cute gift for D also. Christine and I got cute matching bracelets that we plan to wear all the time! and I got that fabulous ring! I've been wanting a new ring for awhile and that one reminds me of armor, like I could deflect a bullet with it! Now the little wolf is suppose to be an African wild dog, D's fav animal. [I thought it was cute, it is sooooo tiny! When I was little I was obsessed with tiny things like that.]

Anyway, it was a very fun Friday, after the street fair Chris and I met up with D, then went to my house to hang with Vic and Andy (who just got back from Warped). Lovely day. Lovely night. 


Song of the Moment: I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys

Friday, July 1, 2011

Prom. May 21, 2011.

So this was obviously before graduation, but stupid me forgot to write about it before graduation. It definitely needs writing about too. Let me just say, in my high school career I had been to one dance prior to Prom. Sadie Hawkins.. a non-formal dance, I went just to save my friend, Jeff Lee, from being asked by a DG. 


Tbh, I wasn't planning on going to my senior prom. I know, I know not going is a big deal.. but i didn't want to have to go alone and I wasn't sure if anyone would ask me..

Then one day I come home from Seminary and I find this on my doorstep.

It reads: "Everyone deserves to start the day off with a smile oh and btw... PROM?  -Big D"

I, of course, said yes! And I am so glad I did!!! :)

My incredibly handsome Prom date... He looked sharp. <3

We got bored of all the picture taking of our parents.
RECAP OF THE NIGHT: Party bus that was a little too small but oh so fun, stripper pole dancing and Katy Perry's E.T. Security finding an orange condom in my purse, put in there as a joke everyone, and giving me a dirty look. Interesting, but good-ish food. Possibly drunk teachers? Lots of dancing! Some ups and and downs. Overall AMAZING evening. 

Side note: Dayton got the corsage, it was an orchid, same flower that he gave me when he asked me to Prom. <3 Love.


Song of the Moment: You And I - Lady Gaga


After 4 years of high school, June 9, 2011 ended it all. 

Graduation. Bittersweet. But mostly sweet. Most of my besties were already gone from the school, so many college goodbyes have already been said. I'm leaving bestie Gizzy [] at Monrovia High School, but I have a feeling she will be just fine 'surviving' her senior year without me. Its sad seeing my fellow classmates go off to different colleges, but thankfully most of my friends are going to the same colleges. So I've already started my after first year after Brigham Young University (BYU) road trip to see them, since I get out in April and most of them get out in June.

1. UC Santa Cruz [To see Bester (Vic) and "Big D" (Dayton)]
2. UCLA [To see Yucen, Gigi, Chris, and hopefully Erling, and Phuongy (visiting from UCI)]
3. UC San Diego [To see Edmond, and Lazaro (they are gunna teach me to surf!)]

It should be a really fun trip.

Back to Graduation... It was a long but lovely ceremony. Was pretty decorated. Got to sit by Lauren and Clarissa my Putti (Who I will be attending BYU with), and Amber (Going to APU).

I'm going to miss MHS, especially all my amazing teachers (Mr. Schonfeld, Mrs. Van Dyke, and Mr. Guy)

Love you guys... College here I come.


Song of the Moment: Time - Chantal Kreviazuk

80's Prom:18th Birthday Bash

So I know the day already past... [April 23, 2011] but since I am just starting this blog now, I thought I'd recap some of the AMAZING events in the past year. First being my 18th birthday party, of course. 
Most of my loves were there, Vic, "Big D," my beautiful Sisters, and many others, although besties Christine and Yucen were missed due to 'stupid' college. (O-Chem, I sorta hate you..)

We Partied Hard.

This was one of the best parties I have ever thrown, friends dressed up, we all danced, and of course we all posed in front of my make shit prom picture way. I love all the people that came, and I still love those that didn't come (but y'all missed out.. yeah I just said "y'all").

Thank you to all that made this my best birthday as of date. 


Song of the Moment: Marry the Night - Lady Gaga


I am way spastic. 

Sometimes I am accused of being 'too nice' but friends have also commented on my bitchiness. 

I love fashion, yet I have no problem looking like crap when I'm not in the mood to try. Music is a must in my life. Listening to Lady Gaga's, "Judas" right now. Love her immensely. Love to sing, have fun with friends, get way too crazy sometimes, do things that people would think I would regret but I def. do not.
New Motto: Don't regret things you do do, only regret things you don't do. 
(So far that's going pretty good for me.. loving summer, and having tons of fun.)

I don't know how successful I will be with the whole blogging thing. My Bester, [], kept telling me I should try blogging, so Vic here you go.

Enjoy <3