Monday, July 4, 2011

Hey Hey, You You, I Want To Be Your Girlfriend!

So after a 2 year relationship dry spell it has finally happened.
I got a Boyfriend. Happy days. Thanks D for asking me in such a cute way. Smiles.
So right after so much amazing-ness,  I came up with the idea to cut Dayton's hair, it was getting long and I thought, how hard could it be...

So this is the cut that I did...

He didn't like it... so his friends cut it.
ATTENTION: I now have a bald boyfriend. <3

Good thing he is really handsome and can pull it off beautifully! 
I am definitely a lucky girl.

Song of the Moment: I Could Be There For You - Eisley


  1. Bald = Bold

    And not everyone can pull it off, but I think your boyfriend is one of the lucky few

  2. Thank you! He is a lucky one! He has an oddly perfectly shaped head. haha