Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Big 21...

 So, it's a little late, I know, but I wanted to give a big shout out to my big, big sister Stephanie!!! Stephanie is my big, big sister because she is older than me, and she is way tall, unlike my other big sis Kimberly who is my big, little sister, who is verging on midget (just kidding.. kinda <3) 

Anyway, July 9th my AMAZING sissy turned 21... unfortunately I was not invited to the big birthday weekend in Arrowhead [underage-ness] so Kim and I invited her and some of her close friends and family over for a nice dinner that we made ourselves [so house wife right?!]

The food was great. Thanks Kim for the help. I learned that I am a genius with the whole making steak thing.
 Who knew?

Unfortunately, I was the photographer of the night so I don't have any outfit pictures of myself but enjoy the pictures of my fashionable friends. Smiles. 
Maya Bear, Birthday Girl, and Tully!
             Her Legs.. enough said.

   Is he not viciously handsome?? And well dressed I may add.

Since I do not have an outfit post, I'll post about my boyfriends outfit! Take notes boys because he looks fabulous.

<3 Shirt & Socks - Nordstroms/ Jeans - Kohls/Shoes - Thrifted <3

Song of the Moment - Bottoms Up - Trey Songs

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