Friday, July 1, 2011


After 4 years of high school, June 9, 2011 ended it all. 

Graduation. Bittersweet. But mostly sweet. Most of my besties were already gone from the school, so many college goodbyes have already been said. I'm leaving bestie Gizzy [] at Monrovia High School, but I have a feeling she will be just fine 'surviving' her senior year without me. Its sad seeing my fellow classmates go off to different colleges, but thankfully most of my friends are going to the same colleges. So I've already started my after first year after Brigham Young University (BYU) road trip to see them, since I get out in April and most of them get out in June.

1. UC Santa Cruz [To see Bester (Vic) and "Big D" (Dayton)]
2. UCLA [To see Yucen, Gigi, Chris, and hopefully Erling, and Phuongy (visiting from UCI)]
3. UC San Diego [To see Edmond, and Lazaro (they are gunna teach me to surf!)]

It should be a really fun trip.

Back to Graduation... It was a long but lovely ceremony. Was pretty decorated. Got to sit by Lauren and Clarissa my Putti (Who I will be attending BYU with), and Amber (Going to APU).

I'm going to miss MHS, especially all my amazing teachers (Mr. Schonfeld, Mrs. Van Dyke, and Mr. Guy)

Love you guys... College here I come.


Song of the Moment: Time - Chantal Kreviazuk

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