Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What's Love Got To Do With It...

So recently I've come into contact with a lot of Love bashers. 

First of all... FU.

Second of all... How can y'all say Love doesn't exist. It is the one thing in life that I have complete faith in.

Third of all... FU more.

Fourth of all... I am going to give you some great examples of love!

I love him more than anything... I know my heart...
So again... FU, bashers.

A mother holding her baby... That is LOVE (my ma and me)

A father and his daughter! Oh my goodness.. more Love..

Friends=LOVE. (I'd do just about anything for them!)

(I missed some pictures of friends that I love.. Sorry if you are not up there, I didn't want to post too many pictures!)

Anyway... if you still are one of the unbelievers, even after reading this, I am so sorry for you. 

For everyone else, Go live and LOVE! <3

Song of the Moment - How to Love - Lil Wayne