Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Squa Peak.

So. Here I am at BYU. Not that this school isn't so much fun... (haha) 
...But seriously, there is NOTHING to do here...

My major fun events have consisted of

1. Going to Squa Peak, which overlooks the city, really pretty lights and all, but its a make out spot, and my boy is not here... it was fun going with my girly friends but with D, would have been super fun.

2. Lauren, Clarissa, and I busted a mission to get me some drugs (prescription guys.. get your minds out the gutta), and then we went to in-n-out. Smiles. That was much needed.

3. Watching Blue Mountain State on Netflix! Smiles. Check out that show. Dirty amazingness.

4. Skype. Is. My. Lifesaver. <3

5. Oh wait there is no five... there is studying. That is it. Joy.

I don't have any real pictures because I never have anyone to snap a shot. I will start having Clarissa take pictures... once I get cute again. 

Here's a picture from Squa..


Clarissa (Putti) and I!!!

Levis Black Skinny Jeans/ UC Santa Cruz Tank/ Thrifted Men's Cardigan

Song of the Moment - Turnin Tables - Adele


    Love you.

    <3, V