Tuesday, September 6, 2011

College. Life. Shopping. Freedom?

So I know, I haven't blogged in about a million years. Sorry guys. I have a good excuse though.. College. 
I moved in 2 weeks ago, and time seems to go by sooo slow. I feel like I have been away from my friends and boyfriend for so long. 

On the plus side, I have a lot of pictures of my life here.. so far. 

Enjoys <3

Bed! <3 (I know I need to put up some posters)

Desk and Closet.. Gotta love the closet.. Its already getting fuller from my terrible shopping addiction.

What does the college diet consist of you may ask... Well here it is! 

Just kidding... But those are some treats I've had over the past few weeks. "HI-CHEW" and "DR. THUNDER" still are barely broken into.. 

Last Saturday, since there is nothing else to do in Provo Utah, Lauren, Clarissa, Amy, and I decided to go shopping. Bad IDEA! I bought too many things. However I am in love with many of the items I bought, you'll see them on me in outfit posts to come, but here's a little sneak peak. 

Thrifted Purchase, 2 sweaters, total must, since cold weather is just around the corner. I also picked up a sweater for D, a birthday present for my Daddy (September 18th is the big 6-0), and a sweater that I'm going to cut up and spray paint to turn it into a BYU sweater (I needed something spirited).

Forever 21 Purchases. I long black flow-y skirt (A must for every girls wardrobe this fall). And a fun crop top (I feel like the sunflowers will bring me happiness once the snow comes).

Also, new nail polish I am obsessed with "Sage" from F21.<3

I hope you all enjoyed the insight into my college life. More to come. And once this heat is over. 
Outfit posts galore. 

Love you all. 

Song of the Moment - None - Roommates Hairdryer?


  1. Oooh ooh love the new haul and looove you! Veronica has that flower shirt! Lol
    And yayayayy HiChew!

    <3, V


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