Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Don't Know Why I Didn't Come... my senses earlier!!!

There are 3 things that I am kinda unhealthily obsessed with right now! 

I'm seriously banging my head against the wall on why I did not discover the first two things earlier! The third thing is kinda a past love but I am glad it is back in my life. 

Now I definitely sound like I am talking about a relationship with these things... call me crazy. 

Don't make fun of me... I know I am a little late on these things but here they are. 

1. Yes It is the Hunger Games!!!! I finally read the first book and oh my god. I die. I was totally going to take some cute picture of me holding the book expressing my love for it, however this morning I sent it, along with a lovely Valentine's Day care package to my man. :) I just want him to read it already, so I can start talking to him about it. . Right now I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm mental. 


I don't have the other 2 yet, but they are in the mail!! Just ordered them online today (Along with the whole Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy... pretty sure once I am done obsessing about The Hunger Games those will be my new obsession.) 

2. Eos-Lip-Balm-Egg-Things. No Idea what they are supposed to be called all I know is I LOVE BALLS. That sounds dirty.. tehe.. but for real, I love the shape of them and they feel so nice on my lips. I'm not going to say they are the BEST at moisturizing my lips, but they do alright. And what they lack in moisturizing ability they sure as hell make up for in smell (and taste)!!! Seriously obsessed. 

I have the summer fruit one, but I can't wait to pick up a couple others! Smiles.

3. Spartacus Vengeance. Love. Love. Love. Now warning it is SUPER graphic but um in over 18... so its all good. I loved the first two seasons of Spartacus. And this season is not disappointing me. Anyway Spartacus Vengeance. Watch. It. 

Alright those are my 3 obsessions right now! Hope you guys enjoyed. And seriously check out the things above. You will not be disappointed. (Disclaimer: Only watch Spartacus if you are of age!!! I don't wanna get in trouble with anyone for suggesting an 'inappropriate' show) 

Bye for now. Smiles. 

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