Thursday, January 26, 2012

What's Been Up.

I'm in Colorado yo! 

Dude. It is BE. AU. TIFUL. here. Smiles. 

So many trees. Nice weather. And no BYU. I am content. 

All I really need now is to find a freaking job. This is a smallish town though.. so there aren't many places to work at. AND it is winter. And in Cali winter means nothing. But in Colorado, winter means businesses are slower... meaning they don't hire new people during this time. 

If I got a million dollars for ever time I heard "You can come back in the spring, we'll be glad to hire you then" I would never have to work again. [I hate that saying "if I had a nickle for every time I heard..." because honestly if you are only getting a nickle every time you hear it.. even if you hear it 1000 times... you don't have THAT much money... just saying... that is a stupid saying.]

Enough of this talk. 

Basically my to do list is:

1. Make money.
2. Move back to Cali.
3. See my friends that I miss so much! <3

Stuff if good right now. Smiles. 

Song of the Moment: Pure Silence.


  1. Glad your happy! i think you should stay out there till next fall though. it will be good for you! go to community college out there!

  2. Community Colleges in California connect to the UC's.. other community colleges don't. I've thought this out, and talked to the schools. Going to PCC for summer school is my best bet to getting into the UC's.