Thursday, May 31, 2012

Now its time to go...

Oh dear me. Its been freaking forever since I've posted on this thing. If y'all wanna know why its because my life went from boring to terrible teen drama to complete shit in the matter of minutes. 

But enough of my complaining, no one really comes on blogs to read. Pictures are what its all about, and I got plenty of those for ya. 

The night before last was the 23rd? annual Siggy Awards at MHS (my old high school). 

Now every time I go back to high school, I get super bitter, so I like to avoid it like the plague. But this was not only the 23rd? annual Siggy Awards, it was the last one. Because dear old Mr. S (the drama teacher) is retiring, or getting fired, no one really knows which one.. (just kidding, I think he is just quitting due to a holier then thou super superintendent.) 

I went to the Siggy Awards, was a part of a terribly awkward alumni performance, watch people get their awards, watched some interested musical numbers and then went to Applebee's for a night cap. 

All in all it was a decent night... I mean I got to wear a pretty dress for pete's sake, how could it not be fun! 

Well here's what you have all been waiting for... 

Left: Me and the Beautiful Christine.
Right: Austin the handsome musician and I. 

I didn't take too many pictures of the night, because I forgot my camera. But yay for having a friend (Christine) and a mom with iphones! 

Nachos. Oh god. They made me want to die. 

Little Bro, Steven being all Shnazzy. 

Will (Kim's boyfriend) and mi madre. 

Left: Sammy and Kim (my older, little sis) 
Right: Stephanie (my older, big sis) and Cray Will. 

Me and the infamous Alex Mendoza, looking handsome as always. 

Dress- Thrifted/Prom Shoes - Kohl's/Jewelry-Various

Song of Silence