Sunday, November 6, 2011

Girls Night Out...

It has been forever since I have talked to you guys, and I am so sorry for that.

My life has been one midterm, or term paper after another. 
Bor. Ing. (to say the least)

I finally got out this weekend and had a fun little girls night though! It was MUCH needed! Smiles. 

We went to the mall, then to J Dawgs to get food, then to Lauren's apartment for a little movie night (Saw the Roommate finally...freaked me the _____ out) 

Here are some pictures of the festivities. <3

Coolest Play Place EVER!

I named him Tad. (Nice model pose, Clarissa [Putti])

Special Sauce, Sauerkraut, and Jalapenos=Heaven 

We are Adorable. I know. Smiles. 

            Lauren                                                                                                                      Clarissa

Seriously, BEST. MEAL. EVER.

Boots, Cardigan - Thrifted/Leggings - Khols/Scarf, Pizza My Heart Shirt - Gifted

Oh and it snowed! 

Name in the Snow. Yeah. Its a must. 
And it gave me a nice opportunity to tell my boy, 

Thank you Clarissa and Lauren for an amazing night. 

(And I know it is way late, but look for my Halloween post soon!)

Song of the Moment: The Chain - Ingrid Michelson