Saturday, August 13, 2011

Love x Infinity.

Elizabeth Victoria Clark ( First of all Love her blog, Love her fashion, She is gorgeous. Anyway, a month ago, I was looking at her post "young and movin fast" with my boyfriend and I noticed her Infinity ring, (Hello my name is Kristen and I am a ring fanatic) I fell in love with that ring. 

So today, at 3 in the morning, after a fun hang out with Treb and Erling, D and I walked back to my house where he sat me on the bed and gave me a little package with a green bow, I promptly opened it and inside was the Infinity ring that I had mentioned that one time I was with him looking at a blog. 

Words can not express how thrilled I was. To be honest, I didn't even think he was paying attention as I was looking at various blogs getting outfit ideas and what not. He is truly amazing, and I am a lucky girl! <3

Why the amazing present you may ask? Well I am leaving for BYU in a week and 12 hours.. Bittersweet.
Dayt and I decided to each get each other a present. His, he gave me today, and Mine, I'm still working on, its a compound present and has taken awhile to find the pieces. 

Here are some wonderful pictures of the glorious present. Enjoy. Smiles.

The packaging is so simple and so beautiful!

I am beyond happy. And this is an amazing present. 
Thanks again D.

If anyone wants to know where he got this, comment below and I'm sure D will respond. <3

Song of the Moment - Leaving on a Jet Plane - John Denver

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lets Give 'Em Somethin' To Talk About...

D and I went on our first official date July 17, 2011. Sushi as Mikomi's. It was dee-lish!

Must say, Best Date ever, and Best Company ever. 


We did a little impromptu photo shoot, just for funnsies.


His: Shirt - Old Navy/Jeans - Kohls/Belt & Blazer- Thrifted/Shoes - Converse

Her: Dress - F21/Cardigan & Purse - Thrifted/Shoes - Ross/Jewelry - Thrifted & Vintage 

Song of the Moment - Wonderful Silence, and my Humming. Smiles.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The End of Childhood as we Know It.

So... I haven't posted in forever, I've been hanging out with friends a lot lately and haven't had time to do blogging or be on the computer in general. 

I leave in 10 days... off to college, I should be way excited but I'm more sad then anything.

Since I have time today I'm updating y'all on all the events that have happened that I have pictures of. Smiles.

Harry Potter. Everyone and their mother read those books... everyone except me. 
I do enjoy the movies however and since all my friends are Happy Potter fanatics, I went to the midnight premiere. I mean who doesn't like to sit in a line for 14 hours hearing kids yell and bitch to their friends about who is cutting in line and blah blah blah. 

I decided to dress terribly because my sciatica was acting up really bad. But my Boy, and my Bester dressed cute enough for my lack their of. 

Enjoy. <3

Gross. I'm really weird. I know
Eddie is here!! She is Adorbs.
Cutie Bester. Chocolate Covered Honeycomb <3. The Boy. Weird Face.

So this was a super fun, again, don't have outfit post. They will come soon!!! I promise! 

Song of the Moment - Raining Men - Rihanna Ft. Nicki Minaj